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Full Color Mugs – How to Promote With a Mug

One thing almost everybody does without realizing it is collect kitchen mugs. Somehow, over the course of our lives, we end up with tons of these, and certain mugs stand out in our minds over others. Often these collectibles are appreciated based on their designs as well as the memories they bring back, in particular if somebody is especially pleased by the level of service they received from a company. Combine both a good design and a fond memory, and a mug is sure to be a long-lasting addition to a home. By using full color mugs for your business, you'll be reinforcing your brand for years.

When you order full color mugs, it's important to consider how you want to represent your company and help your business stand out in people's minds. A simple font logo probably won't do the trick, as it will come across a bit bland. By taking advantage of the Print Center of Sacramento's ability to customize a complete wrap-around image on a mug, you should think of an image that creates a strong, positive feeling. For instance, a surfing company's mug would be highly effective if their design is a wrap-around panoramic shot of a beach.

By using such effective imagery, the past—or potential future—customer will get more value of their full color mugs, as it could represent much more than just your company—it will bring back memories and help them reminisce about the time they spent surfing. Combining these positive memories with the emblem of your company, the customer will always associate the two of them together, and will be likely to recommend your brand to friends and family, or return again and again to shop with you. Aside from surfing and beaches, any company has the potential to brand themselves in this way.

At the Print Center of Sacramento, we'll take however you want to represent your company and emblazon it on a high-quality porcelain white or black mug whether as a full wraparound or a stand-alone image. Using advanced imaging techniques, the logo or design will stay on the mug indefinitely, and you can be rest-assured that mug itself is high quality to represent your company in the best light possible. By accessorizing with full color mugs, you'll experience the difference that customized promotional merchandise makes with everything from improving employee morale, to naturally promoting your service in a remarkably effective way.

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