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Custom Calendar Printing

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Custom Calendar Printing

Full Color Custom Calendar Printing in Sacramento. Quality printing at low prices guaranteed!

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Custom Calendar Printing – Why Use a Calendar

One marketing strategy that has been used by savvy companies for years is the creation of customized calendars. There is a huge advantage to custom calendar printing that business owners should be made of aware of. A calendar naturally lasts all year long, and is typically placed in a commonly seen space, such as the refrigerator or a doorway. In addition, a calendar requires a level of "maintenance" as the owner keeps track of important dates while updating the latest page of the month. For these reasons, your company's calendar will continually create an impression on an office or a home, reminding people about your service.

The key to custom calendar printing is to have a design that will inspire people to want to use your calendar. While a calendar could thematically represent your service, such as a plumbing company that shows photos of pipes, you may want to consider an unrelated photographic or artistic theme that's designed more around pleasing the calendar's owner. For instance, even if your company does plumbing, if you're based in the American Southwest, your calendar could show images and themes related to your city or landscapes while still remaining true to your business, with a logo at the bottom of each photo.

Custom calendar printing can work excellently as a gift, or also as a piece of promotional merchandise that can be sold on a website. Gifting your calendar, however, works as a great incentive for clients and a way of saying "thank you" to customers, while also continuing to promote your brand. Often people forget to buy calendars, and are more than happy to receive a free one in the mail that saves them a trip to the bookstore. Also, a busy office will undoubtedly make use of a calendar, as ways to keep track of dates and times are rarely turned away.

At The Print Center we guarantee that your calendar is designed to your specifications, whether you want a large wall calendar or a tiny desk calendar. In addition, we only use the most up-to-date standards of printing technology, guaranteeing that the ink we use never smudges and that the paper is as high quality as what you'd expect to find at a retail store. Our calendars are affordably priced for resellers, and purchasing in bulk allows a company or private promoter to have an ample supply of calendars going into a new year of business.

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