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Color Copies Sacramento

Are Color Copies Worth the Extra Cost?

It used to be that black and white was the most economical way to print anything. It only required one pass through the printer, and thus cost a lot less. With the advent of digital technology this has all changed. The price spread between black and white (or monochrome) copies and color copies has shrunk considerably. Color is more affordable than ever before.

Three Reasons You Should Use Color Copies

1) Color holds interest more effectively.

You marketing collateral will be far more effective if you use color. It doesn't have to be photographic style color either.
There's a reason that textbooks are full of color. Publishers have discovered that color enhances learning. As a business person, you'll find that your color marketing materials enhance your message.

2) Color helps you keep your message clear.

Color copies enable you to guide customers to you main message intuitively. In today's time-crunched society, this can make the difference between your message reaching its target audience or having that message fail to even get read at all.
Imagine a user's manual that has black and white pictures or illustrations versus a manual that includes color. The one with color is much easier to understand. This is because you can color code elements in a diagram. You can use colors to identify chapter headings and section headings.
Picture the difference between a financial statement that uses color versus black and white. The color financial statement conveys information clearly, while a black and white copy is more difficult to read.

3) Color enhances the perceived value of your business.

Your business grows by attracting new customers and retaining previous customers. It costs a lot less to satisfy and retain existing customers. One strategy that works as a magnet for both groups is a unique delivery of your promotional materials that says "My customers come first." Color copies deliver that message.
The cost of using color copies has dropped enough that it is worth experimenting with using color for your marketing ventures. Most businesses will immediately see a difference in response to their marketing materials, a response that generates more than enough income to pay for the additional expense of using color copies.
Turning to color copies as part of your business marketing strategy is a wise move for all three of the above reasons. You will find that you are able to present your message in a unique way that catches attention, delivers your message clearly, and demonstrates that your business is one that provides value. Black and white (or monocolor) presentations just aren't going to deliver as much value for the investment.

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