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Custom Buttons

Custom Buttons – How to Design a Button

There are plenty of diverse ways to promote your company or organization, and one way that managers often forget about is through custom buttons that can be fastened to a shirt or simply kept around as a collectible. Many people, without even realizing it, collect buttons as a hobby, often storing them in drawers or pinning them to lampshades or other objects around the house as decoration. Typically, what people look for in a good button are a combination of style or an "interest" factor, as well as a clear idea of what the button represents. When creating a button for your company, think about how to make it the most appealing.

A good design for custom buttons should encompass more than just your company's brand, but it should help represent something your company believes in that the customer can also relate to. For instance, a software company that designs games could have a button with an old-fashioned "space invader" style alien on it. Fans of your company, and video games alike, can relate to this type of iconographic imagery, and if you combine it with our logo and business information, such as a website address, the customer is likely to remain loyal to what your company represents for many years.

Custom buttons are excellent additions for a wide scope of organizations. Aside from companies, they are a must-have for political campaigns, non-profits or even school clubs. In these circumstances, people can wear their button proudly because it helps to represent a belief or value that they share in common with the group. When promoting a cause, one of the more effective ways is to hand out buttons, so even people on the street can quickly identify with what the organization believes in, and then they can help to represent the cause by quickly joining the movement and branding themselves with your design or logo.

When you design your custom buttons, consider what images or ideas best represent your company or organization and when looking for original ideas, consider what types of royalty free artwork or iconographic designs could immediately create a sense of familiarity. At The Print Center of Sacramento, we use high-tech imaging techniques to guarantee whatever design your pick is emblazoned into the button in a reliable as well as cost effective manner. Through our services the image that best represents your organization will quickly become a symbol that people can carry with them and wear for years to come.

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